We offer world-inspired plant based cuisine.


At Veginity, we like to challenge the perception that good food must include meat, be eaten in a five star restaurant and cost the earth.

We fuse global gourmet flavors, quality plant-based ingredients, creative food science techniques and affordability to create a unique food experience not available anywhere else in Dublin.

Although our food is plant based, we welcome all types of foodies, from vegans and vegetarians to flexitarians and carnivores trying to be kinder to the earth and treating their tastebuds.

You'll find us located on Upper Dorset Street, Dublin.  Serving breakfast, brunch, and a-la-carte dinner.  Breakfast and brunch are of a more casual affair, whereas dinner is where street food really meets fine dining.  

For those of you who like to dine early, we offer an early bird special on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 5pm and 6:30pm.  This has proven quite popular with our patrons.



We don't try to imitate meat, we don't use processed foods, we don't use cheap filler ingredients. We hero and celebrate the natural flavours of plant-based ingredients.



Our chef Mark Senn, loves being creative, he is always experimenting with new techniques and perfecting them to bring you the ultimate unique food experience.  Mark is particularly fond of fermentation and has mastered the art of food pairing. You must try one of his Veginity-brewed kombucha that he passionately worked on for over two years to perfect.  

Our pastry chef Sara, prides herself on the fact that you can't find pastries like ours anywhere else in Dublin!  And, that you can't tell that they are vegan!   She knows how to work with the the ingredients  to make our pastries light and airy, but firm enough to support the weight of their filling.  You must try them to believe it.



All our a-la-cart elements and dishes, breakfasts, brunches and pastries are passionately made on site from scratch.  This way we can ensure their quality and freshness.  Our creations are something that you've probably never tried before nor would attempt to make at home.



The food tastes so good, you wouldn't know its vegan!

Vegan food has gotten a bad wrap over the years, with bland, poor textured meat imitations or the repetitive pasta dishes that you get as a vegan option in restaurants. We want to change this perception that people are missing out if they choose vegan.  We want you to know that you can eat healthy, tasty, nutricious vegan food.  So whether you are vega, vegetarian, or just trying to reduce your meat intake to help our environment, or simply want to experience something different on your pallet.



 Chef Mark Senn4

With a Bachelor of Applied Science, Hospitality Administration and Management (BASc), Mark has over 29 years experience in the hospitality industry, from a humble barman to head chef.

Mark's experiencee was gained in Melbourne, London and now Ireland, where is founder and head chef of Veginity and Vish.shop.  

Mark built up his experience in the famous Mildred’s of Soho (London) and as a Head Chef at Soul Mama (Melbourne) before moving to Dublin with his family to set up Veginity.

Mark is the author of a self published cook book 'Losing my Veginity', and in the past ran his own vegan cooking channel on youtube.

Creating mouth watering vegetarian and vegan food became an obsession for Mark when he first turned vegetarian over 20 years ago and realised how limited choices were when he eating out. This led him to experiment with many different techniques and ingredients in his quest to create the most extraordinary vegan and vegetarian food possible.

To gain a better and deeper understanding of his craft he has experimented with all types of vegan, vegetarian, raw and gluten free cooking over the years and brings all of this intimate knowledge to Veginity.


After being nominated for both  'Best Vegetarian Establishment' and 'Best Street Food' at The Food Awards Ireland in 2019, we are very proud to have won 'Best Vegetarian Establishment' and just as proud that our sister store Vish.Shop won the 'Best Street Food' for the first time.

This follows on nicley from our previous success in winning 'Best Street Food' in 2016 and again in 2018.  We are very proud to offer a great plant-based dining experience to all of our customers and thank you for your support.


Awards Ribbons

Food Awards 2019 Veginity Team 2

Food Awards Ireland 2019 - The Veginity Team


Winner Best street food

The Food Awards Ireland - 2016

Winner: Best Street Food 2016

The Food Awards Ireland - 2018



We've come from humble beginnings....

Veginity started out as a plant based street food truck concept created by Australian Chef Mark Senn.

Housed within a funky industrial warehouse in the back streets of Portobello Dublin, Veginity quickly built up a reputation for serving the very best of world-inspired plant based street food.

Chef Mark Senn

Chef Mark Senn

Chef Mark Senn, at Veginity in Portabello

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Video Credit: Samuel Foxton